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You can’t really get by in life without having to take a photo for something whether it be Facebook, Instagram, linked- in, or even WhatsApp. If you are bad at taking selfies then we are birds of the same feather. But don’t beat yourself up because you can be beautiful and still take ugly photos and you can be ugly in real life and take exquisite photos. After years of taking subpar photos and living in the confusion of wondering if I’m actually ugly or not I have compiled a cheat sheet of things I do in order to take the best selfies that will have your ex’s sending you a “hey big head” text. My life sucked so yours doesn’t have to so I’m going to give you 7 easy tips on how to the the best selfies that I learned from an instagram influencer.


blinds lighting selfies

This is key in order to take the best selfie. I run around the house or outside like a mad man looking for the perfect amount of lighting that will capture my features. The reason some people look good in photos is because certain facial features reflect light better. So lighting is your friend. Direct sunlight and certain colors can help you look amazing.

“Gotta hit them MF’in angles”!!!

Girl angling face for selfies

I  know you have heard of angles!! Take that camera phone and move it around while you find which angle looks more appealing in photos. Sharp angles tend to look more flattering in photos so if you have a sharp jawline especially as a man use that to your advantage hit an angle that shows those features. My favorite angle is an above the head angle where I look up at the camera slightly, it tends to hide my wider chin and focus more on my eyes which is what I like to highlight more in my selfies.

Learn your favorable features!

Santa hat covering eyes selfies

Sometimes your full face doesn’t even have to be in the selfie, have some luscious lips? Show them off with a selfie that focuses more on the bottom half of your face. Ive seen a photo of the back of someones head get 10k likes, so trust me try it, what do you have to lose?


Now here me out, I’m not recommending facial filters but photo filters that change the color and contrast of a photo. These type of filters can help a lot. Most phones have this feature right in the camera app or you can download an app that specializes in special filters from the google play or app store. Don’t be afraid to customize your selfies, play around with different filters until you get something that you like. Filters help give your selfie a little bit more pizzazz. I’ve seen some of my photos got from a 7 to a solid 9 by just filters alone.

Be Creative!!!!!!!!!

Girl using bananas for bangs in selfies

Good photos are all about creativity. So good selfies are not just about how well you look but how well the photo comes together. I’ve seen lots of non attractive people post incredible photos that get 100k likes and over not because of how pretty their face is but more so on how well the photo came out. Like with the background and the lighting or the pose that they made all came together perfectly.

Take as many pictures as possible

Girl taking multiple selfies of herself with red lipstick and black dress

Photographers take dozens of photos of models in the same position with just slight variations in the poses until they get the perfect photo. Yes, your camera roll will look crazy but it will be worth it for that one selfie that highlights all the best parts of yourself. Some people can take a photo one time and it be perfect and those people are Rihanna and Beyonce. The more chances you give yourself the more likely you will capture that selfie that you are happy with.

Get out of your own head and have fun!!

beautiful black girl outside having fun taking selfie with tongue sticking out

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to post or take the perfect picture so much that you psych yourself out and end up looking like a deer in headlights. Have fun with it, life is all about trial and error if you post an ugly selfie then “oh well” life will definitely go on. Pictures always come out better when you are relaxed and comfortable with yourself and this is a fact. I had to learn to love myself and not be so hard on myself to get the “perfect selfies”. As time goes on you will get more comfortable in front of the camera and more intune with your facial expressions and features.

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