Welcome Back Lovelies! Tired of dealing with rough bumpy skin? You’re in the right place. Over the years I have tried endless products and a lot of them didn’t work or made my situation worst. So I’m going to give you my top products that got rid of my KP and are continuing to do so.

Keratosis pilaris is a condition where in the skin produces too much of the keratin protein and does not shed it correctly leading to an accumulation of the keratin around hair follicles. Causing raised and textured skin that has the resemblance of “chicken skin”. The bumps don’t itch or hurt they are just annoying and can cause self-esteem problems in some. I’m going to show you the products I used to get rid of my keratosis pilaris bumps. My approach won’t get rid of the bumps in a day but they got rid of them quickly enough for me. Here are some photos so you can see exactly what KP looks like in most individuals.

I had been dealing with keratosis pilaris long before I knew what it was. Since I was 12, I had this weird textured skin on the tops of my arms and my legs that annoyed me to say the least. My mom took me to dermatologists who said I had eczema (wrong) and prescribed me medications that as you can imagine, did not work…… AT all. I actually have Google to thank for diagnosing me with keratosis pilaris. I typed in rough prickly skin which led me to the key word chicken skin which led me down the rabbit hole of keratosis pilaris.  My keratosis pilaris because I am a darker African American looks like some of the photos posted. I’m currently working on getting rid of the hyper pigmentation that came from me picking at the keratin plugs.  

Korea Italy Exfoliating Towel

I attack the KP on all fronts, meaning pre-shower, shower and after shower care. The number one thing you need to do in order to get rid of KP is to exfoliate. So, the first thing I bought about 10 years ago was a Korea Italy Towel.   These are available on Amazon (click the photo to be taken to the exact page) I use these for when I shower and I use them in the traditional way which I will save for the end. These towels are not very scratchy so they can be used daily but can exfoliate everything off your body once I tell you how to use them properly.  

Walnut Shell Powder

Next, I use a body scrub; So, I know everyone is expecting me to place a sugar scrub here but I Hate sugar scrubs with a passion! You scrub for like 1 minute and the sugar has dissolved…. Maybe for normal skin that is enough, but not with the “final boss/ last level” skin God has blessed me with. I need some longevity to my scrub so you can purchase your sugar or sea salt scrub and then add my secret ingredient *drum roll please* “powdered walnut shell”……..OMG you can rub from Monday to Sunday you are going to feel the exfoliating particles on your skin until you decide to rinse it off. And I feel this is best because you can take the time to massage your body’s rough areas until you are satisfied.  I mix some of the walnut powder with my favorite sea salt scrub and I go to town before my shower. A tip from me to you is to use smaller grain sea salt or sugar scrubs, the bigger grains tends to fall off the skin and only really scrub your bath tub not really your skin. I dampen my skin a little bit but not much then I scrub before I use soap.  You don’t have to do this before your shower, you can do it after. this is just the order I do that works best for me.  

AHA Botanical Body Wash

I then shower with Mario Badescu AHA botanical body wash. This wash is good and gentle but exfoliating. I use my Korean Italy towel to rub the soap on my body. The AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) inside of the soap gently exfoliates the skin chemically, while using the body scrub mechanically exfoliates the skin.  

Lush Dream Cream

After I shower, I use this cream which I feel is my holy grail for getting rid of my KP  

Lush’s dream cream, now I know most people love the way anything from Lush smells and I adore their bath bombs. but I really don’t like the smell of dream cream at all! But when I say that this stuff WORKS it really works Hun! I put it on and by morning my skin definitely feels calmer and the bumps I had from the night before have disappeared of flattened. This cream leaves my skin soft and smooth. 

Mario Badescu Papaya Lotion

And I sometimes mix it with Mario Badescu papaya body lotion which also uses AHA. this product actually does even better when paired with the AHA body wash mentioned earlier. This lotion is an honorable mention because i don’t need to use it to get smoother skin but in the beginning stages of my journey I was trying everything and this definitely worked.

How To Use Your Korea Italy Towel

Now another way I use my Korea Italy towel is the traditional way that the Korean culture does. The Koreans have bath houses they go to weekly or biweekly to groom their skin. The soak their body in various temperature pools to soften the invisible top layer on the epidermis. They then use the Korea Italy towel without soap to scrub off all the dirt that a regular shower does not remove. The dirt rolls off the skin and looks like eraser shavings. It looks gross but I PROMISE YOU this way of exfoliating every 1-2 weeks will make your skin smooth, your body shine and your skin will be able to absorb your creams better. I used to go to the Korean bath houses at least once month but I learned how to clean my skin from home. What I do is soak in a warm bath I don’t use soap to soak or bath bombs, what I have seen work best is to soak in bath oils. For me, soaking for about 40-50 minutes in bath oil softens the skin enough be able to scrub that grimy dirt off when I’m ready. You will be amazed at the results. 

When first starting this regiment, I advise to do patch tests with all the products described on yourself to make sure your skin can tolerate it. But once you know your skin can.  I would advise exfoliating with the walnut scrub every 2-4 days. Everything else can be used daily. And remember KP isn’t a one and done condition it takes consistency to keep the keratin plugs away. I say this because if you stop using the creams and exfoliants for over a month you run the risk of landing right back at square one or even worse than when you started out. I do know the dream cream can be pricey but it works wonders for the skin. I suggest buying the smallest versions of everything to make sure they work for you. Stay consistent with the products you use to make sure you give them a fair evaluation. From doing this my skin has Been feeling divine. I do have other body skin care regiments I do, but these products  helped make my skin very smooth and KP free.

Leave a comment about the product listed that worked for you or what has worked for you in the past. And like always stay Lovely my lovelies xoxo.

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